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“My brother, my friend, go, find what you truly seek. Let the soils lead you to the right direction, let the sun rise for you to keep you warm, let the rain fill your thirst, let the woods and the rivers fulfill your needs, let the wind carry the misfortunes away from your path, let every life you meet see you fairly, let the stars shine to give light when darkness fills you, let your righteous will prevail at all times. Believe in your self and you shall be fine. If in your journey you are failing seek not the comfort of lust, greed, hate, blame, and self-destruction, but cling on to hope and faith, for these will open your eyes to see beyond failure. The path in going back is always not easy, but it is easier than moving forward without any path. Go my brother soul. May you find what you seek.”

-Mals' Ancient Prayers To A Seeker-
“The time has come for you to meet god. If shall there be anything that you did in this world that was against his desire for you to live an honorable life you should not say it in front of him for he knows everything before you could even speak. You may consider yourself holy for you have done so many good deeds, but the truth is not one of you and no one was, not even those who have crossed the land of the dead since time, has been holy.”

“It is the design of nature that each life is given a chance to enjoy the bounties and blessings of this world yet many still do not see why they were made to live. We are made to live with honor and respect and these we should do to attain peace with those around us and with our self. Without peace our souls will never rest. Without forgiveness we will not see beyond reason and circumstances.”

“No one in this world is indispensable. Each life goes back to where it came from and it is only natural that one has to die and leave the world given by god. We always forget that our existence in this world is only temporary, and death is feared by some especially those who are not ready. No one is in fact ready to face death and death will always remain a mystery. There is a philosophy that everything that you do in this world is useless when you die, whether you do good or evil, it doesn’t matter when you depart, so many chooses to live in indignity and greed. They are right, you will not know and feel if you had hurt someone or cause anyone great pain when you give your last breath. You have already left this part to the ones you left behind. This is called the philosophy of the ignorant and irresponsible. To those who embrace this belief it means that love does not exist to them and they are only living for themselves. Many are like that without even knowing it and now that you know it is up to you as to how you would want to be remembered for it is this very reason that you will find the key to embrace death like the soothing music of the gushing of water and the cool breeze of the blowing wind. ”

“You can choose to be anybody. You can choose to be good and lead an honorable life or you can choose to be evil and live a painful existence. When you die everything is over. Not one deed you made will be remembered in time, not even your name for those who remember will also join the land of the dead when their time comes. Everything does not matter when one has joined the departed. Now that you know about life in this world and the truth about death you should ask yourself about what you want to be while there is still time left for you. It must be something that will make you embrace death and love it to come like the sun’s rays from the east. Go and find your peace, find yourself before the moment comes that your time is up.”

-Terags' Last Rites-
"You are not different from us. What you are seeing is your physical self but not your real self. Deep inside you, you are one of us. It is not important what you look like or what the others see in you, but what you are inside your heart and your mind, and the way you treat another life. There are many kinds that because they dress and look like the others believe that they are really the same as those who have clothes like them. Yes, they dress the same way and they look the same on the outside but the truth is, they are not in anyway the same in the inside. The important thing is you know who you are beyond what you see in yourself on a reflection. You must remember that. Whatever you see with your eyes in your journeys in life is not always exactly what it is. They may look like ugly and evil but it doesn’t mean that they are. And there are those who look harmless and beautiful on the outside but deep beneath its surface is nothing but darkness. You must see that way and reserve judgment first until you know the inside of a life in front of you. Each and every life in this world is different, they desire different things, and they think differently or act in another way which their physical bodies hide. You wouldn’t know who they really are until you break their inside. We are all unique in our own special ways and our physical self is just but a mere enclosure of who we really are so do not be bothered.”

-Father And Son-