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Dec. 30th, 2008

Message To Visitors

I started building this in August of 2007, and since, more than a hundred times that its pages were revised considering the inputs of those who had seen this before.

Inside this world are words acknowledging the contributions of great souls in the development and eventual completion of my Work, "Leonardo", a novel on invented lands and times. It was launched last November 23, 2007 at the Filipinas Heritage Library.

About 600 copies of the book went into the hands of people who either bought a copy, received it as a gift, or who found the book in some remote places where i intentionally left it for a finder to keep and hopefully, to let go in another place and time.

"Leonardo" is a story of unfamiliar races, lands, and their respective histories, conflicts, beliefs, and faith. It is about a world that I accidentally created when I was writing a fable story for my son that had evolved into a tale of lives and unique creatures. Since accomplishing this very first fiction novel and after receiving numerous questions and feedback about it, I then thought of writing a prequel or a sequel to the story. Honestly, I don't know how to expand more my story into something that a reader may continue to follow it. But it is also not bad to try. I intend to write twenty seven more volumes of this piece, one volume a year, until twenty eight volumes are completed. The number twenty eight is the day of the month Jaromir, my son, was born.

I maybe too ambitious to think about having twenty eight volumes of this work but ambitions drive one to look forward. And I look forward to realizing it until I become a grey haired man and a grandfather telling his grandchildren about his adventures and experiences that they may find learning if not too much wisdom or foolishness.

You will find links to the entire story in this page comprising of more than 130,000 words or close to 400 pages in a 12 point Palatino Type font in its hardbound book form edition. You can have the book at the Filipinas Heritage Library that sells it for USD 25.00 for hardbound and USD 5.00 for paperback. Part of the proceeds from the sales of the book is used by the library to finance projects that aim to improve the literacy rate of millions of Filipino children.

Again, thank you for visiting this site. I will be honored if you will sign in and leave a word or two in the guestbook that you will find in the Homepage.

May you enjoy the pages of my imagination like those who said they did.

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